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SW-602-1      4.5"x6" Louvered Stick On Vent        $2.00/vent

SW-602-50    4.5"x6" Louvered Stick On Vents     $69.00/50


SW-700    Standard Straight Zipper (1-7' Self Adhesive Zipper)    


         ZZ-HD      Zipwall Zipper

(2-7' self adhesive zippers, flap hooks, zipper knife sheeting cutter)

$20.00 per pack

Ventilation Vents

SW-775    30"x36" Tape On Arched Door    $11.00/door


SW-800    36"x48" Tape On Arched Door    $12.00/door


SW-872  36"x72"   Tape On Arched Door     $18.00/door


Access Doors

Ventilation and Access are two more aspects that are important to the shrink wrapping process. Ventilation is a very key step when using shrink wrap to cover your product. Without the proper ventilation applied to your shrink wrap cover, you will have the chance of accumulating moisture and mildew. Ventilation creates a movement of air through the shrink wrap cover to help slow down the moisture and mildew process. The stick on vents that we provide to our customers are a quick and efficient way to provide a temperature and moisture balance between the interior and exterior of your shrink wrap cover.Excellent for storage and shipping applications.

Access doors and zippers provide a cost effective and easy to use way, to gain access inside your shrink wrap cover to visually inspect or to work under the cover or to be able to place other items under the cover. These access products have also been used as a ventilation alternative.

Access & Ventilation

Cross woven strapping can be used in many different ways in the shrink wrap process. In the marine industry, strapping is used to hold and secure the shrink wrap to the boat. It is also used to support the shrink films in open areas of your product, e.g. to support the shrink film under snow loads or to support shrink film against the wind while transporting your product in open air situations. Having low elongation and high breaking tensions makes cross woven strapping a good cost effective way to support and secure shrink film.

SW-500     1/2"x1500'     $34.00/roll

(720 lbs break tension)

SW-750     3/4"x2100'     $88.00/roll

(1050 lbs break tension)

Cross Woven Strapping

Accessory Products